matt (echsendo) wrote,

arly morning song writting/up too early!!

lastnight at the last chance show, when they played their song "regrets" the drummer said "we all have some." I don't have any though and that kinda got to me, and i've been listening tot he song on their cd, its a good song, but it made me wanna write one about not having any regrets. so thats what ive been doing. this is what i have so far.

nothing ventured, nothing gonna change,
everything in life is gonna stay the same,
but thats not me, im rearranging everything,
taking chances, messing up,
failing, falling, but never giving up,
and there is one thing i've gotta say,
i've had not one regret along the way,

everything has lead me here,
all the pain and overcoming what i fear,
im living my life,
thats more then i could say before,
its just getting good, and
im looking forward to each day more and more
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