matt (echsendo) wrote,

"oh i live this life, and i love it"

ok, so true love, so much fun! slighting biter sweet, but good! kepi is always fun, lys and freak did a really good job, dino and "its whitney bitches" were great. the shyness of before seems all gone and its awesome!!! got to hang out with people, talk it up..good times!

then i went over old i, watched up and found paul, mickie and vanessa outside, talked with them, hung out, then went inside. the secretions(with bear on drums) were amazing as the ramones. all dressed up and everything! saw lyssa and kayce, went outside and talked with lyssa for about 20 mins to a half hour in the cold. didnt really talk to kayce at all, kinda sad! but it was a lot of fun talking to lyssa. ive never really talked with her. i think her and i might be hanging out some, that should be fun! i think i was being kinda flirty, good for me!!! hahaha, i prolly did a poor job lol. she told me she really liked the song i wrote about kayce, which blows my mind. i just write songs about whatever is on my mind and to have people tell me out of the blue that i didnt even know heard the song how good it is, is amazing to me. she was jealous though, so i have to write a song about her. so far the title is "the girl who leaves cds at my house from bands named after people from kickass movies." i'll get on writing that one right away... no, really, i will, it seems hard and interesting. i can do it! maybe a lil more hanging out is needed! best part, i didnt even have to pay for the show, or get id checked, i guess my underage friends could have came!

thanks to all i saw for a kick ass night and halloween!!!!!!
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