matt (echsendo) wrote,

give me a fix

I've noticed my jealousy spiking, and I hate it. I cannot stand being jealous of people, it makes me mad at myself. Yet I am working it out within myself, I use it as a drive for myself to better myself, yet then that seems out of spite. Oh well, can't win them all, huh? It'll pass, I'l live, move on and no one will really know, aside from this.

(I said "myself" a lot there.)

I was asked if I could help out Danny Secretion and record solo songs for him. This should be fun!! I LOVE recording, it is an art. I have recorded my own songs for my page(I do my recordings pretty crappy), I did the recordings(yes, there are drum and guitar tracks for "Devoured") for my old band the Alpha Villains, I recorded a full band demo of "Blast Off" for the Secretions, did the vocal tracks of Angel Nova and Joebot 2.0 for the "Bast Off" you can buy at shows, and I did the solo songs from Mickie Rat of the Secretions, and also did some recordings for Eoin Nobody. So, it'll be nice to have some head phones back on and be behind my comp and mixing board!

I was asked do do a music video for a band, but I haven't even gotten out to one of their shows to start yet, I really need to get on that, and finish the KWOD xmas DVD for the Secretions, work on tour footage, make a video for Final Summation I said I would do(and I have it planned in my head from the tour footage), hopefully shoot a fan-ish video for Troublemaker, and make a detailed write up for my video idea for Don't Fuck With the Teenage Harlets(trust me, the idea alone, even if never made, is amazing!).

Nothing like keeping busy to keep your mind off things! Plus, I am always writing songs and working on them too. ....then there is work, I need to keep busy, or I become...this, lazy, doing things I shouldn't and being jealous of others. So, onward with the work and putting too much on my plate, it is a drug I need!

Give me a fix
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