matt (echsendo) wrote,

im less happy then this seems, maybe that just tiredness

much about nothing, life update
I have sorta been in hiding the past few weeks. I haven’t really been going to shows, hanging out, just been home and doing stuff here. I needed it too, I had to get away, get back to some things that make me, me. I did go to one show, I went to see Twiztid and it put me back to before I was known, back when I could go out, stand and enjoy all night w/o knowing anything about anyone. I got to meet two people I’ve talked to for YEARS online and I met them at the twiztid show! Soooooo happy about that. I also got to go out with my friend Susan, who talking to her, reminds me of things long ago in my life. Same thing with hanging out with Amber, it all just takes me back.

I started doing more art too. There is a model that once lived here, at least, named Ivy that puts up fan art on her page. So I made a few stencils of her, and they came out rad! I showed Susan and she asked me to do some of her. Thats so rad to me, people want me to do art of them!

I’m not ure how I feel about this(other then that I find it funny), but I am pretty crushless right now. Sure there are plenty of girls I could easily like, but I am really trying not to, for many many many reasons. Thus far, its going well. I think the only one I am letting myself go through any motions on, I don’t even talk to. I see her daily, maybe say hi, but thats bout it.

I am putting what would be rent/bills/stuff into savings so I can live off what would be left over and that I’ll have money saved up by the time I am ready to move out! Plus, the places in my price range and area look awesome!

I’m excited, stuff is happening.

You might be seeing me out again, maybe more, in different ways. I have sorta connected with myself again, more ok with me being me again.
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