matt (echsendo) wrote,

hi lj, its been a while

hi all! shits been happening

due to my roomates being...well, not as cool as i thought, they have asked, no told me to find a new place to live...i dont think they can, but im moving out anyway cuz i'd rather not live here anymore. i'll prolly end up leaving downtown, but returning every weekend or so, so you'll see me!!!

umm im doing a lot of video editing for secretions stuff, final summation stuff too. trying to get my life in order again, somehow it fell apart. i need it back, badly! and im working on it, hardcore!

i got to see brooke the other night, which was awesome, i never see her and it was really nice!

umm yea, i dont update this thing like i should, oh well, maybe shortly i will start. i need a good place to ramble that not everyone reads... comment, maybe it'll help me and boost my ego and get me to post more! ha.. i need a new phot camera. mine died a while back. ummm.. yea, i need a place ot live too, i'l prolly get out of here, asap, find a place to keep my stuff and then live in my parents till i can find a good place, that is the plan if i dont find a place in the next 15 days(if that is when i leave)

um, talk to me
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