matt (echsendo) wrote,

bunch about nothing

girls, i dont understand them. i know many and get a long fine with them. i like girls, i have crushes on some of them, doesnt really get in the way, for the most part. but i dont get it, i have friends that are beautiful, smart, talented, easy to get along with, everything i want in a girl and they doubt themselves. that gets to me, i mean, really? any guy would be lucky to have a chance with one of these girls and yet they tell me how they cant get guys, or cant find good ones, or whatever, and part of me wants to go .oh, hey, um, me!?!?! but no, i dont, not my place really, we are just friends(those two words). i dont mind so much, im there for my friends on the whole, i just have to get past the part about liking them and them not liking me ha. i dont know what im saying anymore, maybe it makes sense in some way, maybe not. w/e, im just bitching.

i have nothing good to say, or worth while. ehhhhhhhhh
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